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Prized Apart (w/t) to push loved ones to the limit 
London, 18 August 2014. BBC1 has commissioned a major new entertainment series from Electric Ray which will bring a unique mix of heart-stopping location adventure and high studio drama to Saturday nights. 
Prized Apart (w/t) will see 10 men and women leave their friends and families behind to battle it out in some of the world’s toughest challenges - hoping to win a life changing prize. But in an emotional twist, it will be their partners and loved ones back home who play a deciding role in the game.
Prized Apart (w/t) was commissioned by BBC1 Controller, Charlotte Moore and will be executive produced by Electric Ray’s joint managing directors, Karl Warner and Meredith Chambers. It will air on BBC1 in 2015.
Charlotte Moore, Controller BBC One, said: “I’ve been looking for an entertainment format that feels genuinely game-changing and Prized Apart delivers to the max.  Jeopardy, heart and high emotion come together inside the studio and out.”
Karl Warner said: "We think this could be an adventure show with a big emotional punch for Saturday nights.  We want it to celebrate great British couples, families and friends and what they’ll go through for each other."
Prized Apart (w/t) will feature ten contestants who have agreed to be separated from their families and friends. Over the course of the six episodes, the Adventurers will compete in a range of grueling challenges designed to test their mental strength, courage and levels of endurance.  The stunts will be state-of-the-art, designed by the world’s best adrenaline sports experts.  From riding the biggest rapids to jumping from snow-capped mountaintops, viewers will be guaranteed a ringside seat as the contestants are pushed to their limits.
Each week, and after facing a succession of thrilling challenges, the bottom placed Adventurers are flown back to Britain, to a studio where their partners or friends will have anxiously waited, watching the week’s events unfold to see if they will be stepping off the plane and possibly face the end of their adventure. If it’s their turn in the spotlight, the stay-at-home players must keep them in the competition by answering a set of nerve shredding questions in a head-to-head round with the other partners and friends.  Succeed, and they will get their loved one back on the plane to continue in this adventure of a lifetime.    
For the losing team it will be a bittersweet elimination; they are out of the game but back together again. 
Electric Ray is a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television.


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Director, Communications (EMEA)
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