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Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena is a biblical melodrama that recreates the life of a passionate and independent woman living in a time of great oppression. A woman different than the others, capable of challenging a corrupt society completely dominated by men. She is faced with evils and betrayals forcing her to escape her homeland and attempt to forget her past. On the verge of her death, she meets Jesus – a man who will teach her the true meaning of love, a love so pure she will regain her faith and will to live. She will transform from an excluded, outcast, and vilified woman to one of the most important disciples of the Nazarene prophet.


María Fernanda Yepes as María Magdalena
Manolo Cardona as Jesús
Andrés Parra as Simón/Pedro
Luis Roberto Guzmán as Valerio
Cesar Mora as Herodes
Diana Lein as Herodías
Alejandro de Marino as Lázaro
Pakey Vásquez as Barrabas

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