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El Rey Del Valle

Luis Miguel del Valle is a preppy, MBA grad who is obsessed with narco series. He feels like he has the world at his feet and is determined to be a resounding success. He has devised the perfect plan to achieve this success by partnering with his best friend Joed and together opening Mexico City’s very first organic taco chain. Nothing turns out as expected when his taco chain is deemed the greatest investment failure of the year and he is left bankrupt. He and his friend feel they have run out of options and see no other choice but that of becoming narcos. This is a comedy full of sarcasm and unexpected adventures which will reveal all the things one SHOULD NOT do when becoming a narco.


Osvaldo Benavides as Luis Miguel del Valle
Daniel Tovar as Jose Edgar “Joed” Contreras
Biassini Segura as Wilmer Camacho
Paulina Gaitan as Margarita Guzman
Eduardo Victoria as Alejandro del Valle
Laura Perico as Anabel del Valle
Matias Moreno as Vitorin del Valle
Hector Holten as Emiliano Guzman
Lauren Emilia Ceballos as Xochitl

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