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La Bandida

Marina Ahedo is a stubborn and rebellious girl; she can’t stand injustice, much less the idea that women, like her, were born to obey their boss, their father, and their husband. Despite that her destiny appeared to have already been written, Marina would discover the way to seize it. Along the way she did everything: maidservant, orphan, revolutionary, thief, gambler, trafficker, singer, composer, and lastly, the owner of the most important brothel in Mexico City. She never imagined the endless trials and obstacles that life would present; and much less that this humble girl would become the great Graciela Olmos, ”La Bandida” (“The Bandit”), one of the most influential women in Mexican art and politics.


SANDRA ECHEVARRIA as Graciela Olmos “La Bandida”
JULIETA GRAJALES as Marina Ahedo (Revolucionaria)
JENNY KAY as Marina Ahedo (Niña)
ALBI DE ABREU as Tommy Harton
IANIS GUERRERO as José Hernandez
IVAN ARANA as Pedro Nuñez
MARCIA COUTIÑO as La Hermana Catalina
ARANTZA RUIZ as Marinita Ahedo

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