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Paraiso Travel

Paraiso Travel, tells the story of Reina AcunĖƒa and Marlon Cruz, two young people who, for love, find themselves faced with the difficulty and courage of traveling to the United States as illegal immigrants, crossing through “el hueco” (Mexico). Reina has lost her mother, Raquel, who suffers from bipolar disorder, and is willing to do anything to find her in NY. Marlon is hoplessley in love with Reina and is unwilling to let her travel alone, so he joins her on her trip at the last minute with no regard for the consequences of his actions. Once this pair of lovers sets foot on the streets of NY, fate deals them a bad hand and their lives are separated forever. An electrifying and dramatic love story where the characters will do everything possible to achieve living the Great American Dream.


Laura Londono as Reyna Acuna
Sebas an Eslava as Marlon Cruz
Katherin Velez as Raquel Zuloaga
Diego Sanchez as Lucas
Juana Arboleda as Maritza
Fernando Arevlo as Guillermo Torres
Marcela Benjumea as Leonor
Cristian Tappan as Gonzalo Acuna
Sandra Reyes as Cecilia Martinez
Julio Sanchez as Ramon Cruz

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