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Atrapada tells the story of Mariana, an attractive, clever, and chameleon-like young woman, who is capable of seducing any man she desires. After witnessing her parents’ murder, Mariana, barely a teenager, is forced to live on the streets and earn a living as a shoeshiner in order to support her younger brothers. Until she meets Sebastian, who turns her into a skilled white-collar thief. Years later, her life of thievery will take an unexpected turn. Carlos Alberto Herrera, the head of a powerful Mexican family whom Mariana dared to con, has kidnapped her brothers in exchange for the completion of an important mission. She must infiltrate the Vargas family and seduce both of the Vargas brothers in order to create discord among them and ultimately destroy them. The mission becomes more difficult when Mariana realizes that she is falling in love with Felipe Vargas. Now, Mariana will face the biggest challenge of her life in order to save her brothers. She finds herself face to face with a ghost from the past: the man who killed her parents. She will not rest until she discovers the culprit behind her parents’ death. Her days will alternate between danger, passion, and revenge.


África Zavala as Mariana Velasco
Erick Chapa as Felipe Vargas
Giuseppe Gamba as Alexander Vargas
Verónica Merchant as Daniela Vargas
Fernando Ciangherroti as Carlos Alberto Herrera

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