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Paquita La Del Barrio

"Paquita la del barrio” is a series inspired by the life and career of legendary Mexican singer, Francisca “Paquita” Viveros. The audience meets Paquita as a girl and witnesses her struggle to overcome poverty and countless failures and disappointments, until she finally achieves fame and success as a beloved songstress. Viewers will be captivated by the 70 episodes that tell her story and feature many of her hit “rancheras”.

Paquita is a strong, honest woman with a great sense of humor who has a love-hate relationship with men. She has been the victim of lying, cheating, impotent, spineless, cradle-rocking, swindling, and lazy men.

People she considered friends and family have also disappointed her at one point or another. Paquita consistently manages to overcome adversity; she is a survivor.


Andrea Ortega Lee as Paquita
Erick Chapa as Camilo
Sofía Garza as Viola
Gloria Stalina as Clara
Marcia Coutiño as Lucia
Andres Pardave as Don Hernando
Paloma Woolrich as Doña Engracia
Milton Cortez as Gerardo Gonzalez
Marissa Saavedra as Aurora
Emilio Guerrero as Father Fertxu
Ariane Pellicer as Doña Griselda
Juan Manuel Rodil as Toñito

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