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Rosario Tijeras (Mexico)

The story of the legendary Rosario Tijeras continues, the unbreakable woman that will do anything to survive. Escaping certain death, Rosario and Antonio manage to outwit their enemies to ensure their freedom, but while fleeing they are forced to separate. Rosario will find herself trapped in a blood-war between two drug lords; one of which is “The Angel”, a mysterious, seductive and violent man, who hides a very dark secret. She will have to do everything possible to save her younger brother and reunite with Antonio, the love her life.


Barbara de Regil as Rosario Tijeras
Sebastian Martniez as The Angel
Jose Maria de Tavira as Antonio Betancourt
Hernan Mendoza as Arteaga
Lucia Silva as Paula Restrepo
Mario Loira as Jonás
Israel Islas as Toxina
Veronica Langer as Aurora

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