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Falsos Falsificados

Despite barely knowing one another, Luna and Oliver despise each other. Oliver is a drivers license examiner. Luna takes her driving test numerous times, but is always denied her license by Oliver. Her last attempt ended with a brawl.

By a twist of fate, they both end up at the same party. Luna and Oliver immediately repel each other. However, much to their discontent, they are forced to spend all their time together. As the sole witnesses of a mob- related murder which occurs at the party, their testimony is crucial in convicting the murderer.


Daniel Tovar as Oliver
Ruben Zamora as Moravia
Tomas Rojas as Tramando
María Jose Magán as Luna
Adriana Olivera as Lupe
Fátima molina as Marcelina
Juan Cristóbal Castillo as The Forger

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