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Lady, La Vendedora De Rosas

Lady is the story of a girl in Medellin, who sold roses on the streets in order to survive. One day, all of a sudden like a magic trick, a movie director shows up and asks her to be the main protagonist of his movie. Lady reaches the high levels of fame, travels to big movie festivals around the world, walks through red carpets, and becomes the protagonists in a telenovela. But fairytales don’t last a lifetime, and because of love, Lady gets involved in a misunderstanding that leads to the death of a taxi driver and is sentenced to prison for 26 years… a sentence that she is still serving.


Natalia Reyes as Lady Tabares
Majisa Issa as Fátima Tabares
Julián Román as Treinta
Ocho Viña Machado as Brigit
Ernesto Benmujea as Marco García
Alberto Cardeño as Pacho Rojas
Yuri Vargas as Yurani
Diego Garzón as Didier
Carolina López as Liliana
Carlos Mariño as Albeiro
Pablo Restrepo as Elmer Candamil
Brian Moreno as Alex Candamil
Juan Pablo Barragan as El Mono
Patricia Tamayo as Rosalba
Julieth Restrepo as Sofía Soto
Victoria Hernandez as Sor
Irene Maya Landaburu as Norma
3Jennifer Arenas as Mireya

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