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El Comandante

Hugo Chávez, El Comandante is a fictional story inspired by the life of Hugo Chávez, a man with humble origins who was only 44 years old when, against all odds, he became the most powerful and controversial Latin American leader of his time. During his reign, Chávez controlled the largest oil reserve on the planet, challenged the first world and shook the continent as no one else had ever done.

Hugo Chávez, El Comandante tells the true story of a man and his country. As he fights comrades, discovers spies wanting to kill him, romances the women who stay with him through it all, and proving wrong the opposition members who opposed him, the film promotes debate and action with mystery, politics and romance. Hugo Chávez, El Comandante is one story that combines power, ambition and passion


Andres Parra as Hugo Chavez
Vicente Peña as Angel Saavedra
Julian Roman as Carlos Uzcátegui
Paulina Dávila as Isabela Manrique
Jose Narvaez as Ivan Fonseca
Stepahanie Cayo as Monica Zavaleta

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