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The Hypocondriac

Macarena Gonzales strongly believes that she has inherited a strange neurological illness from her mother that will take her to the grave. Because of this, she dedicates her entire life preparing for that moment and any sign from her body is an irrefutable symptom of her pending doom. 

Lucky for her, she meets Dr. Alejandro Pulido, a neurologist who tells her what she has long awaited to hear: she only has six months to live. Happily, she tells the whole world that she was right and she is not a hypochondriac. Macarena begins to do all the things she had spent years planning: quit her job, go into debt in order to live like a queen in her final days, and ask her boyfriend, J.J., to grant her wish to marry her. But the problem is that she is not going to die; Dr. Alejandro accidentally switched her results with another patient. What will happen when she discovers she actually has a long life ahead of her?


Stephanie Cayo ~ Macarena Gonzales
Ernesto Calzadilla ~ Alejandro Pulido Maldonado
Cristina Campuzano ~ Camila Santos
John Alex Toro ~ J.J.
Maria Cecilia Botero ~ Doña Maruja Maldonado
Kepa Amuchastegui ~ Don Alfonso Puliod
Marcela Agudelo ~ Marcela Bufano
Nicolás Montero ~ Pedro Pulido

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