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La Suegra

Don't miss this joyful comedy where Victoria Maldonado will have to find a way to reshape her life. After her unfortunate experience in the United States, she decides to go back to her country where she left her family, long-time boyfriend (Caliche) and a wedding gown company. But during her absence, her children had ruined her company. While she tries to win Caliche back, she'll have to keep the family under control, forcing everyone to live under the same roof and teaching them an invaluable lesson.


Jaqueline Arenal as Victoria Maldonado Roque
Christian Tappan as Bernardo Burgos
Mario Espitia as Juan Carlos Burgos
Paula Barreto as Marcela Burgos
Andres Parra as Rene Higuera
Laura Perico as Carolina
Sebastian Vega as Memo
Adriana Osorio as Miriam
Danilo Santos as Carlos Enrique Amador
Maria Cecilia Botero as Beatriz Espitia
Eilyn Roca as Yamile
Ana Maria Arango as Prudencia
Alberto Saavedra as Chucho
Fernando Arango as Gerardo
Alejandra Chamorro as Azucena 

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