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Bloque De Busqueda

During 1989 and 1993 the Colombian government conducted a tireless search for the most elusive and blood thirsty mafia leader of all time: Pablo Escobar. There were two bloody “wars”: one before Escobar’s capture and another after his flagrant escape from the prison, La Catedral. This is the untold story of a group of heroes who made up the “Bloque de Busqueda”, individuals who were determined to find the criminal who had declared ownership of Colombia during a four year period; focusing on their missions, their families, their failures, their triumphs, and everything that occurred behind the scenes of the operation that defeated one of the most dangerous men in history.


Rafael Novoa as Coronel Hernán Martín
Sebastián Martínez as Capitán Antonio Gavilán
Brian Moreno as Hernán “Kilociclo” Martín
Laura Londoño as Sargento Olga Diéz
Carolina Gómez as Milena Martín
Veronica Orozco as Ana Maria Velandia

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