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El Dandy

Under the promise to be considered for employment as a criminal lawyer in the Attorney General’s office, Jose Montaño accepts to participate in a police training program for lawyers that the FBI offers in the United States.

His intelligence, his prodigious memory and his bold psychology allows him to be selected to participate in a particularly dangerous mission: to introduce himself, under the false identity of Daniel "The Dandy" Bracho, in a drug gang operating in the Zona Rosa in Mexico City .

His main objective will be to put together an irrefutable criminal record so that no judge or defense lawyer can turn it down.

Once inside the gang, Daniel develops a strong friendship with El Chueco, a low level criminal who ends up being the most loyal but loser man of the criminal organization.

As Daniel gets more comfortable with his new life, he will have to face the dilemma and choose between the boring, routine life of his past or to take on this new exciting criminal identity. The incorruptible Daniel will be replaced by someone else, who considers with cynicism the convenience of the second option.


Alfonso “Poncho” Herrara as Daniel “El Dandy” Bracho
Damian Alcazar as “El chueco”
Itahisa Machado as Lety

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