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Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas

Cristina is an attractive, intelligent, young professional woman. She is financially successful, has great friends and shares her life with the perfect man. Until the day she discovers that her fiance is cheating on her with her friend. She is determined to find happiness and personal satisfaction, no matter the costs. What is the problem with professional, intelligent and successful women? And why are relationships so difficult in these modern times? Can it really be that "gentlemen prefer them dumb"? 


Valerie Dominguez ~ Cristina Oviedo
Juan Pablo Raba ~ Alejandro Botero
Michelle Manterola ~ Gracia Oviedo
Rodrigo Candamil ~ Guillermo Jácome
Patricia Castañeda ~ Hannah de la Esperiella
Mijail Mulkay ~ Rodrigo Florez
Ángela Vergara ~ Pamela Dávila

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