Bob Billeci

Bob Billeci

Executive Vice President

Technology & Operations, Networks

Bob Billeci is executive vice president, technology & operations for Sony Pictures Television Networks. In this position, Billeci oversees technical infrastructure, workflow and operations strategy for Sony’s linear networks worldwide. In addition to these responsibilities, he maintains, develops and implements policies, procedures, standards and practices to create synergy and maximize efficiency across all assets in Sony’s media networks portfolio. Billeci works closely with strategic technology vendors and clients to develop new methods, drive trends and represent Sony Pictures Television Networks on several industry technical forums and committees.

Previously, Billeci served as senior vice president, technology and operations, networks, since April 2004, where he supervised the technical infrastructure management and technology operations of Sony’s owned and joint-venture satellite-distributed cable television networks worldwide. He was also the corporate representative on multiple technical committees providing oversight of joint-ventured broadcast facility operations.

Billeci joined Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) in 1998 as executive director of worldwide satellite operations, with primary responsibility for evaluation of satellite digital encryption and delivery system technologies. He was promoted to vice president, technology and operations, international networks in July 1999.

Prior to joining SPE, Billeci was president of Meridian Television Systems, Inc. in Valencia, California and designed SPT's multi-channel broadcast facility in Singapore under contract to SPE. His previous experience includes positions as vice president, engineering and operations for Prime Sports Network in Los Angeles, director of engineering at KABC-TV in Los Angeles, and director of engineering at KFSN-TV in Fresno, California. He began his career at the University of California, Berkeley as a staff television engineer.

Billeci is the Chairman for Imagine Communications Innovation Advisory Board and is a panel member for the Elemental Insights Executive Forum. He's also a member of SPE's CTO Roundtable, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Hollywood Post Association as well as the Intelsat Media Advisory Group.

He received his BA in Radio and Television Technology from Heald College in San Francisco.

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